Sevakshetra Hospital - Being badly insulted by a doctor

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i had been to sevakshetra hospital with my father to consult Dr.Dinesh Kamath orthopedic surgeon he had prescribed some blood test and tablets i got the test done and went next day to show report where receptionist told me for showing the report no appointment is required i have to just inform sister i informed the sister she asked me to wait till all the patients are attended i was waiting from 10.45 am to 12.30 pm after that also patients were coming and they were sent inside to consult doctor at around 1.00 pm i couldnt stop myself entered to doctor's chamber and tried to explain that i have been waiting from 10.45 am but he didnt even allow me utter a single word and started shouting at me at the top of his voice and asked me to shutup i am not seated here to listen all nonsense from you and did not allow me to even speak a single thing me and my father were badly insulted in front of so many people seated in the hospital please guide me how can u help me in this matter i want to teach him a lesson a doctor cant be so short tempered neither he can behave like a rouge i have come to know from hospital staff that he is known for such *** things please help me out to get a porper justice sir,

waited for ur kind and earliest reply




You need to contact the manager of the facility and report this inappropriate behavior. Also, I would recommend you find another doctor.

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